So I’m never gonna be a professional blogger. I’ve already moved on from this setback, and so should you. In other news, winter has arrived in full force and it’s actually not so bad. Besides a few really blustery days temperatures have been quite balmy in the mid 20s, allowing us to get some snow. A lot of snow. It came down pretty much all week, and is supposed continue for all of next week as well. I can tell you, I surely don’t mind. It really gives the city a new charm and also makes it appear brighter in the permanent low light conditions in which we live in.

With only 12 days remaining until i fly into Chicago, this will most likely be the last blog post. Luckily i have a few good stories and photos to go out on. It’s been quite a long journey to this point but it is still strange to contemplate getting on a plane in two weeks and being back in our wonderful-newly-extra-appreciated country.  I’m sure it is gonna take some serious time before i can unpack the entire experience in such a way that I might more easily and clearly express it.

Every semester our program puts on a big end of the term theme party for the students. Ours happened last week and was 90s themed. They rented out the stage at a pretty big club just off of nevsky and we got dressed up and put on a show. Dave and I each sang a Russian 90s song and then also did Blink-182, Greenday and Weezer. It was a little sloppy but pretty fun and we got to meet some cool guys, the bassist and drummer who worked with us.

Then yesterday Dave and I met up for some coffee and then wondered around the snow before going to a concert at the Philharmonic. The hall was quite grandiose and beautiful as usual. They only hit on one of four pieces they performed but it was still excellent. Unsurprisingly, it was Tchaikovsky who saved the day with something perfectly bombastic. Neither David nor I remembers what the name of the piece actually was called but as soon as they archive the December playbill I’m gonna find out and listen to it again. After that was over we walked down Nevsky to my friend Shenya’s apartment where she was having a big birthday party. We were the only foreigners in an apartment of probably 20 Russians and we more than held our own. Got quite a few compliments on our Russian which was very vindicating. We stayed out past when the metro closes so we crashed on the floor and headed back this morning. It was an exceptionally good day and pretty close to what I imagined living here would be like before I actually got here. Here are some photos of recent occurrences. Enjoy and I’ll see you all soon.

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